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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Good Evening [o.o]

Well let's see - 'tis 1:23am. I'm sitting upstairs on my computer, its hot and stuffy, and my ass and legs are sticking to the chair. Lovely.

Indeedy, out of my uber-boredomness I have created a blog *le gaspz!* under the example of Quyen and Lisa, therefore Lyn is now a poser [~^.-"].

Haven't done much recently, unless you count being a dick and just bumming around the house as something. So instead, I'll go through the perks o' my previous weeks for your entertainment.. at least, the perks I remember.

Ahhh yes, the city. I can't remember what day is was when I met up with Lisa at Melbourne Central, but dammit it was hot [D:]. We walked around lots, mostly 'coz we kept gettin' lost [-.-"].
Koko Black
was first. Both of us got hot chocolate DESPITE the uber-hotness outside, and we shared a Belgian Spoils (a small platter with stuff like chocolate, ice cream, chocolate mousse and so forth). Man, we felt so sick afterwards, but the chocolate was awesome
[<3]. Oh yeah, and the Headless Chicken is awesome.

So, we walked around some more, got lost some more... I swear I will NEVER AGAIN willingly be alone with Lisa in the city (you're sense of direction sucks! [xD]), we ended up at Flinders Station 2 or 3 times 'coz we kept missing the stop. But moving on... at about 3:30pm-ish we met up with Alan and his friends since they were on their way to see "Memoirs of a Geisha".

OH YEAH! On the way out of Melbourne Central, I bought BLUE TAK! Geebus, I cannot stress enough my happiness at that point [=D]. I'd been needing some blue tak for a while since I'd already used all of mine sticking up stuff on my ceiling (for those who don't know, I plan to cover my bedroom ceiling with stuffs) - I just got some more photos developed (roughly 70 photos from last day of school and formal) and I needed more to put them up.

Anyways, we met up with his friends and walked with them to Chinatown. Me an' Lisa (yes, I'm aware of the grammatical error) ended up stopping at an Asian store and they went ahead - we both got a bit weirded out, probably 'coz we were the only girls or something, who knows... [^^;;]

We went to the cinema tho' since it was hot out and sat around for a while. Then we noticed how the 4 cinemas that were there were pretty much unattended. We seriously considered sneaking in, or getting Alan to come back out with ticket stubs so we could get in, but we didn't wanna get our asses caned by our parents so we left (although, if it weren't for that fact we probably woulda gone in).

For the last time, we got lost again. Lisa needed to stop at Academic to get a book, but we missed the stop and ended up at Flinders again [xP]. After that we went back to Flinders and took our trains home.

And that was my day.

I just realised how long this post was, so instead I'll talk about my other perk (The Blackout) in my next post tomorrow or something.

I'm off for now~


At 5:48 pm, Blogger Ritzy said...

wo0T! catch the blog disease. this is better than msn spaces.. coz those dont' always work >.<


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