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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Number Two.

//Before I continue: this post is actually quite old. I wrote it SEVERAL weeks ago, I just never got around to posting it 'coz I still had to edit it and crap. But for some STUPID reason every time I edit it, the changes are NEVER saved, especially the paragraphing.

So I'm just gonna post this as it is so I don't just have a draft lying around in my pending entries. [06/02/06]//

kz, SO - my other post was too long (that, and I was gettin' tir
ed... no I lie, I couldn't be bothered writing any more) and I said that I'd talk about the blackout.

So therefore:


Few nights ago (I can't remember which; seriously man, I can't keep track of the days anymore, everything is all the same now... ) I was at home with my parents. At around 8pm all the electricity goes out.


It was still bright out so it wasn't too bad to start off with. I was doing work on my sister laptop so when everything went out I still had a few good minutes left to finish up and save my junk [<3]. So for the next hour or so, the three of us were just moping around the house - by this time both my parents would've been watching their series or whatever, but without anything on we pretty much did nothing. 9pm - the candles were out. 4 to start off with, two fat red ones that we used for "bai" (I'll explain that if you ask me, but I can't be bothered typing it in here right now [-.-"]) and two little orange ones, which I ended up putting into glasses so that they we could carry them around and not get blown out 'coz the windows were open. A little while later my sister came home with her boyfriend (Lawson). My mum made her call AGL to see "what the fuck was going" on as my sister put it. That was at 'bout 9:30pm. An hour later at 10:30pm, we decided to just hang up - yes, we managed to stay on the phone for an entire hour. We concluded at the end it would've been pointless though, I mean, what can they say? "Yeah, we're having some problems with [whatever-whatever] and we think it's been caused by [whatever-whatever]. We're currently fixing the problem now and we'll try and get it working again soon." Indeed... [O.o"]

Lawson left for a while for some reason or other ("we're outta tea"... bahahaha [xD] ) and both my parents went to sleep, purely 'coz there was nothing else better to do... than sleep. Otherwise they're both be hogging the two TVs downstairs. [xP] More candles: my sister had this old box o' purple candles that her friend gave her in Year 10 but never used, so we took those out. Wasn't really necessary to light them all (there were four in total) but she wanted to " 'coz it's fun". To add to her fun or whatever, we put one in an empty Pringles tin, kinda reminded me of tiki torch [xD], stuck two into the melted wax from one of the red candles, and the last one into the was of the other. I should take some photos, they look hardcore-fucked now. We started playing with re-hardened wax where there was a lot starting to build up. Being girls we were deprived of the childhood pyro stage so we were reasonably amused. After a while she decided to take a nap, I kept nagging her to stay awake but I gave up after a while... so I started plaing solitaire (love those cards [xP]).

My sister woke up a bit later when Lawson got back. I was started playing with candle wax again. Later on one of his friend came over as well. From about 12:30am-ish onwards we played 20 rounds of Big 2, keeping score for the winner. Dammit I was playing well and winning, then I got fucked over right at the end [>.>].

Lights came back on at about 1:30am so they'd pretty much been out for 5 hours.

So yes, that was my night.


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