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Saturday, February 18, 2006

[1/3]"Whoa! Check out the watermelons on this chick!"

//Holy crapness, I totally forgot about my blog! camp was months ago... I guess I'll try and finish this as best as I can ^^;; Sorry! Since I realised there's actually quite a lot of stuff for me to write about, I've decided to split the thing into three entries. //

Well, I was at camp from Wednesday to Friday and aside from all the boring hour-long lectures about "organisation" and "working hard in your final year", it was awesome. Got heapsa' free time, went to the beach twice (swam once 'coz I gave up trying to stay dry), stayed up late 'til 3am on the first night, and almost 4am on the second night.

[Day 1]
Soon as I got there, we got put into duty groups and I had to help serve lunch [X_x], but I still god the easy job [xD].

Oh something else I should mention. When we were getting around to Phillip Island, I pretty much hadn't been to th beach for age. It was nice to see ocean again after, what... 4 years? Something like that. Glorious, even though the water wasn't that particularly clean. But hey, can't complain.
I actually went in the afternoon with Nat, Lisa and Monica (and met with a couple of ohers there - Andrew, Alex, I vaugely remember a few other people there, but I took photos with them so ... yeah haha >.>). I didn't bring any acutual swimming stuff with me 'coz I wasn't actually planning on going swiming (why? because I'm a fag... no really, I don't know why. The weather was pretty shitty before we went, I didn't actually think it'd improve when we arrived - the first camp didn't go to the beach 'coz of the crap weathr) - so at first I though "Ok, just wear your skirt, and don't get further than your knees."
Eventaully, I ended up wading in until just below my skirt touched the water. But then, oh fuck, tide came in and got me wet to my waist. I gave up about 10 minutes later and just swam around in my skirt and black top (for those who've seen me wear it, it was the "Playboy" one).
When I got back to my cabin I showered, then I had to wash all my clothes in the sink to get rid of as much crap as possible (I'm surprised how much seaweed came out of it).

The first night, everyone had to do roleplays in relation to a school problem the teachers gave us. My group had to show the stress that school could have on a boy/girlfriend relationship, so we got one of our guys to act like a girl and shoved apples in his shirt for boobs. 'Twas the shit.
Another group's was about studying to get the grades you want, but generally most of them had the same kinda moral - study hard, don't over party, don't stress too much, yadda-yadda and so forth. Though reading the title (this is written after several months of neglecting this post), there was one of the bits that just made me shat myself (so did many others). Andrew Lam was in one of the "groups" or non-studying people, and he pointed at his phone at some point and said "Whoa! Check out the watermelons on this chick!" Good times. Other hilights... geez... my memory sucks. Probably shoulda filled this in a while ago.

Ahh... lights out. Not for us though. We ended up chatting 'bout random crap for most of the night. Nat dozed off first. At some point me and Monica started singing a lot of Backstret Boys songs (I went to their concert a few weeks before) - at the time, I think think she was the only person I knew who'd listened to their new album. Lisa slept sometime afterwards, though she did catch into some of us singing. I think me and Monica ended up sleeping at around 3:30am.

Continued in next entry...


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