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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

[2/3] And 4x1 we slept, aka "I can hear their screams!"

[Day 2]

Ahh yes, second day of camp.
Well, all four of us woke up feeling like shit, seeing as we'd only had about 4 hours sleep or so (Nat, maybe 5). Details of the morning are a bit hazy, me not being all that awake you see... but moving on to stuff I remember...

Perk: For one of our seminar things, "Guided Imagery" I think it was called, we had to take our sleeping bags with us to the gym; the woman who was running the session got us to do some yoga-like exercises, then lie down on our sleeping bags - I fell asleep as soon as we hit the floor. Well, not instantly. I think we did something like focusing energy on different parts of your body (something along those lines - feel free to correct me on that), starting at the feet. I don't think I got past the knees. I didn't even get to the apparent story-reading part.
Luckily I woke myself up before anyone else had to (some people got woken up by Mr. Penso *shudder*); Monica said I was snoring a bit (not snoring, I think it was more heavy breathing of sorts), though it was probably covered up by Vincent who's snoring was apparently awesomely loud. Good work.

Beach: I was prepared this time - I brought my camera with me so that I knew I wouldn't allow myself to get too far into the water. This time, I really didn't get higher my knees in water. There was this bit on the shore with really, really, squishy sand - I shoved my feet in there up to my ankles (I took a photo of it too, looks like I don't have feet lol).

That session before was actually kind of in a two-part thing - Fraser people did this session first, while the Goolagong people went to do this uber-boring seesion about career choice stuff with Ms. Tsalikis (ugh...), then we'd swap over (after lunch I think it was). Anyways, I called my sister at some point (either before or after we went to the beach, she called me the night before - lol, my phone rang when it was on the table and we thought it was Lisa's so I didn't bother picking it up). She told me that that when she was at camp she just wagged all the sessions and bummed around in her room with her firneds. We were a bit chickenshit at first since a couple of guys got busted the day before, but we ended up staying in.
When we came out later Andrew, Alex and Vincent and stuff were asking where we were (lol xD).

RolePlay: Ahhhh, the fun night! This was like, free performance for people. Stuff I remember: Captain Planet, people singing, the short play by the form captains... I'm sure there was other cool stuff but I can't remember any right now.
- Captain Planet: Lisa ended up doing this bit with Grace, Vidhya, Tracy, Sandra, and Vincent... I'm sure there was another person but I can't remember who it was >.> Pretty much they just did a short episode, Sandra was Ms. Slocombe wasting paper and being evil and etcetera, I think Tim was Captain Planet? Oh well... highlights of it were: Vincent as "Heart!" with his cheesy pose, and saying "I can hear their screams!" when dicussing how many trees died make paper, and the dancing bit at the end (not really dancing, just posing to music and so forth).
- Singing and Dancing: There were a couple of people who sang and stuff, some people played piano. Alex (Lai?) Played "Imagine" by John Lennon, pretty good - got the audience singing lol. I think someone else tried playing Canon - not too good, but he tried =D
- Form captain's Play: Short play made by the form captains. Can't remember the actual plot (if there was one) all I remember was something with Charlie's Angels, and Karate training. Was funny anyways. Very awesome.
Quote: "The way of the sperm!"

Lights Out: Stayed up almost all night again. This time we had some serious chatting and stuff, 'twas good - we each got our turn to get some stuff said. We got busted once at 1-ish, but we just kept talking anyways. Haha, I think someone told me on the first camp there were some guys (can't remember who they were... =/) playing poker really late at night and got busted by Mr. Chard.
We were just sitting around in our beds at first, then since it was annoying for us to all chat to each other we eventually all moved down to Nat's bed since she had the double (Lisa was already there 'coz she was playing with Nat's phone); our feet were kinda draped over the side of the bed, so Monica went and got all out suitcases and piled them together at the end of the bed so that we could properly put our legs out. I was one the side closer to the door, then it was Lisa, Nat, then Monica next to the wall; Lisa kept elbowing my leg accidentally 'coz she was actually lying down and I was still kinda sittin up.
We stayed up later than the ight before - I think Lisa dropped off first this time. I kept trying to stay awake but I kept phasing in and out so I eventually fell asleep too, I thik that was around 4 - 4:30-ish. Nat and Monica said they slept pretty soon afterwards.

Concluded in the next entry...


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I expect you are still asleep.

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Somebody commented, this amuses me somewhat o.o


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