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Monday, July 03, 2006

Odd things: habits, likings, and neuroticisms.

Well, although I finished my chem assignment just under two hours ago [current time; 1:19am], I am still awake - just that, instead of being downstairs all cold, tired, and having a sore back from sitting the the same position for too long, I'm now tired and comfy in my bed with my sister's laptop [x3].

Indeedy I am an odd person. I was actually thinking about this a few nights ago, as in, how many weird habits and things I have. I'm pretty sure there's quite a few (my sister tells me so, haha). Let's see:

1. Joint Cracking - Ahh yes, I don't even remember when it started really... You know how some people feel the need to crack their knuckles periodically to feel better/comfortable? Eh, I'm sure I've told a few people, I periodically feel the need to crack my toes [mmh... I feel this thought requires a face... xD? O.o? Both seem to fit well]. It especially shits me when I'm wearing tight shoes and I can't curl my toes arounf enough for me to do it when I need to [>.>].

About a month ago I discovered a way to crack my back... when I realised that after that day I'd been doing it every night for about 5 days in a row, I knew it was time to stop [^^;;].

2. Food - This one is actually regarding fried rice. I like eating it normally, but at some point last year I started eating it with peanuts (ground in small bits so I actually mixed it into the rice) and fried garlic oil [O.o"]. I would still eat it like that, but my dad contaminates our supply every time my mum makes more by adding mini shrimp to it (ugh...). Now I'm just on peanuts.
I guess Lisa isn't so weird, I eat strange things too... though I still don't think peanut butter goes with everything [>.>].

3. My room - Not too bad, I'm sure this would apply to pretty much anyone. I get really annoyed whenever my mum (in a fit of cleaning madness) decides to come into my room and clean up all my shit. So the next time I rock up, my first reaction is "WTF?! Where's all my shit gone?!" What ultimately pisses me off though is when afterwards she says, "Oh, your room was so messy. I had to clean it, I couldn't stand looking at it." Well fuck, mum.
She doesn't do it any more, well at least not openly anyways. I always know when she's been in to inspect my room when on the odd occasion I actually find stuff I was planning to put on my ceiling in my rubbish bin (yes, I do go through my bin and pull the things out... but hey, my bin is pretty clean, only paper and tissues [^^]).

4. My dad - This isn't really my problem though... sometimes when I'm doing work, or I'm on the computer, my dad just comes in and stands there. It's actually quite creepy [O.o"]. It's to the point where sometimes I feel like I can't be doing anything because of it, I actually just stop... but pretend I'm still doing work. You all know the comedy group Tripod right? Go on LimeWire and if you can, download a song called "Lingering Dad" - captures the idea nicely.

5. My Wardrobe - When I sleep I need to have them closed. I don't know why, I just feel weird if they're open when I sleep (no, it's not a dust issue).

I should get some sleep... [*Clicks save as draft, will continue this later*]

Mmh...can't be bothered listing any more of these. If I ever think of any, I'll just put them into the post (labeled with a number). Enjoy? [^^?]


At 9:21 pm, Blogger Ritzy said...

ARGH! i know. silly parents that just stand there. lets crack our knuckles n scare em away hehe

At 11:06 am, Blogger kristinloveslondon said...

lyn, do you think there are monsters in your closets?
I can't sleep with my bedroom door closed.


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