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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It's MHS formal! [x3 --> -.-]

Hello there to the people who are actually reading this - your interest confuses me because you have nothing better to do than read this crap?

Mmh... I know I should write an entry about the MHS formal 'coz it's LONG overdue, but honestly I just can't be bothered 'coz I'm lazy, and tired... and I just had Methods/Spesh tutoring for two hours [Note: This entry was finished two days after the day I started it], but even if this was some other day the first two reasons would still apply.

I believe Quyen and Nat's blog entries can vouch for most of what happened on the night. What I'm writing about now includes details of BEFORE and AFTER the actual formal.


{First Point}
Okay, over the month before the formal, my parents had been getting really shitty and me and my sister (for reasons I shall not disclose). Alan called me about a week or two before formal night and asked me to be his partner. [Initial response: I have to ask.]
After some conversation or so, I called my sister afterwards.
Her: OMFG! GO!
Me: What about mum and dad?
Her: We'll work that out later...
Me: Okay.
Which resulted in my final response to Alan, [Me: I can go, "my parents said it was fine"] where "my parents said it was fine" actually meant "they have no fucking idea".

So over the next few weeks my sister and I kept trying to come up with things that I could tell my parents.
[What I told my parents: "I'm going to Steph's house to sleep over 'coz she wants me to help her with some work that she's stuck on."]
I was pretty surprised at how well that worked - I'd been shitting myself the second my mum got home 'coz I was waiting for a good time to ask her. I eventually ended up waiting out the entire night until about 10pm or when my mum was all shacked up in her room loading herself watching her k-dramas. Always the best time to ask.

Ok... Actual Plan.
1. Come home from school (approx. 2:30pm)
2. Hang around until about 4:30pm (when both my parents would be home, and Steph would be home).
3. Get my sister to take me to Steph's house with all my stuff that I packed into the boot of her car the night before while everyone was asleep.
4. Get dressed.
5. Go to formal (pick up Quyen on the way).
6. Go to afterparty of some sorts.
7. Come back to Steph's house.
8. Sleep.

{Second Point}
While this was all happening, at the same time I was trying to get Steph to go to MHS formal as well.
[Initial Plan]
The actual existance of MHS formal in my mind wasn't actually there until Jason asked me for Monica's phone number - he was originally gonna ask her to be his partner but she couldn't go (he went with Nat in the end :D).
Anyway... roughly a week before formal (Saturday or Sunday night I believe), I asked Jason if he knew ANYONE that would be wiling to take Steph with them, keeping in mind that they didn't have to pay for ticket (I was helping her pay half her ticket 'coz really it was me that was dragging her there). After going through a few guys, I talked to this guy - Henry Le.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you must remember this name - HENRY LE.

H-E-N-R-Y .... L-E. If you ever meet the guy, please kick him in the balls for me.

Now, we got talking and stuff, and he eventually agreed to take Steph - he would:
a. Buy her a ticket (with us paying him the money on the night)
b. Book her place on his table

Both of us assumed that he'd bought the tickets and everything was completely fine. Steph was starting to get a bit paranoid though 'coz we hadn't heard ANYTHING from him since that day. so the night before, we tried contacting him (MSN, mobile, and so forth). After about two hours of trying to get through to him, he finally responded to our messages on MSN and he said:

"Oh sorry, I didn't get your ticket. The table was full."


Well, Steph was pretty fucked over, and techically I was too 'coz I was supposed to be staying at her place and if she's wasn't going it'd totally blow my cover [>.>]. So over the next day, we came up with a new plan:

1 - 4 (no change).
5. Me and Quyen go to formal, drop off Steph at Melbourne Central
Steph was meeting up with a friend to hang around with for the few hours we were away.
6. Afterwards, go find Steph
7. Hang around in city for a while
8. Call my sister, go home

Steph still had to deal with her parents 'coz they actually still thought that she was going, so before we left Steph still had to pretty herself up to make it believeable. She planned on telling her parents what happened afterwards (which she did, replacing the "meeting up with my friend" with "meeting up with Vincent (close family friend) 'coz he's in the city. The second part was partially true though, she did go see him while he was in the city: he was leaving to Adelaide the next day to start Uni and was out drinking with his friends.

It was actually pretty gay, 'coz the three of us all had different stories we told out parents.
Me: "I'm going to Steph's house to study."
Steph: "I'm going to MHS formal."
Quyen: "I'm going to Steph's formal."
But hey, at least the other lies were closer to being true.

Anyway, we followed this plan of ours quite well, although what actually happened was not so pleasant.
>->--> FAST FORWARD >->-->

[||] The only things I will mention from formal night.
We ended up getting there pretty late 'coz the traffic to city was HORRIBLE. But anyway...
Got there late, and we went through the side entrance too, Alan and Will (Quyen's partner) had to come up the escalators to get us [><]. Moving on: I got an awesome formal present from Alan (whee! x3) He bought me a corsage, had pretty little dark pink roses and white flowers, and my god, IT SMELT SOOOOOOOOOOOO NIIIIIICEEE~! [x3] Highly addictive! [^o^] I got kinda shitty over the night though 'coz people kept bumping into me and squashing it a bit. I finally bought a jar for it on Monday, I must've kept the thing pretty well 'coz when I put it into the jar the flowers weren't fully dead yet.

>->--> FAST FORWARD >->-->


Okayz where to start now... hmm....
Well let's see: formal had finished, most of us were leaving, or at least just standing around outside. The initial after-party plan was to go kareoke, but we couldn't get enough people together that wanted to go. I called Steph to see where she was so we could go find her - shittily enough for me, she was at Melbourne Central. Most of us were broke (well, 'cept me, I was carrying $60 in my bag for uhh... backup?) so we couldn't get a cab. So we walked there.


I think I need to point out how painful this was:
Grand Hyatt - - - - - - - - - - insert "very far distances"
- - - - - - - - - - -Melb. Central.

We managed to catch a tram (I didn't even know they ran that late O.o") that took us some of the way there, and I hobbled along a bit more (with some help from Alan, of course ;P). Finally got to Melbourne Central and found Steph.
I assumed everything was goin' preeety well at that point. That is, until she told me the guy turned out to be a complete fucktard.

Like, no kidding.

In the few hours I knew him, I wanted him to just DIE. The shithead was (from this point on, I will not refer to him by name, only by whatever profanity I believe fits best)... well, walking around in the city with him was like looking after some 6-year-old kid. The main reason why he was still around afterwards was 'coz we were supposed to be taking him home (this decision was made before we found out he was dick). Every few seconds you'd hear "ZOMG I HAV3 TO GO TO W0RK T0MOR0W!1!!1" and, "IT'S LATE i N33D T0 GO HOME11!!1!"* True, he did have to work the next day, and it WAS late (roughly 2am I think). But still, he could've taken a cab home (at some point he WAS thinking about it), or at least just leave us alone and SHUT THE FUCK UP. She told me it was really awkward with him and had to deal with pointless and crappy conversation, ie. "Soooo, do you like... stuff?" [xD]. Although she went and watched "Pirates of the Caribbean" which took up a nice two hours.

*{Numbers used to emphasise his n00bish-ness}

Well yeah, anyways... after we found Steph, we sat there for about 20 minutes or so, trying to think of something to do. Pool was the first idea we could think of (actually it was Will's idea 'coz he wanted to go play). So we WALKED around the city a bit more, but when we eventually found the place, the guy there wouldn't let us play 'coz we didn't have any ID. I guess even if we did he wouldn't let us 'coz I think we had to be 18+.

Shitty as the walking was, Steph bought some $4 thongs from Target while I was away (she was wearing heels too, 'though not as hardcore-painful as mine), so we'd keep swapping between shoes.

In the end we walked over to Crown, sat down for a little while, got some drinks and so on. Walked over to Galactic Circus, but by this time our spirits had died and I think we all just wanted to go home (not including the stupid dumbshit, he was just being annoying). Me and Steph sat on an electric chair thingy, Alan and Will walked around some.
Oh side bit: my sister was actually going out clubbing that night and was supposed to take us home afterwards. I called her up a few times and she didn't pick up, so me and Steph decided she was completely smashed (which she wasn't... it was 'coz the clubbing area didn't have reception ^^;;). We called Lawson's brother Matt to come pick us up (he was the backup in case my sister couldn't come get us).

The four of us all hugged and said our goodbyes [3x] - me, Steph and the shitface were the first to leave.
Although while we were walking Alan and Will eventually caught up to us 'coz they had to home too (and thank god, I'd actually forgotten I still had Alan's camera in my pocket - man those pockets on my jacket were awesome!).

The three of us went outside and found Matt and got into the car. For the entire trip back we were all tired and didn't say anything to each other. That is, until we finally dropped (mmh... what word haven't I used yet?) the fuckwit (nice one *nod*) off at his car*. The second he got out, we fully just started bitching to Matt about what a complete dickhead he was - I think we kinda scared him a bit lol.
*{The guy, from what Steph told me, was in first year "Uni" so to speak. He was in the same year level and school as her family friend Vincent, and dropped out sometime during year 11 to do some cooking course thing... yeah. Apparenty he did it because "no one else had the balls to drop out and do what they really wanted" or some crap like that - Honestly I think he was the one that really needed to grow a pair. And aparrently the guy was "mentally unstable" according to Vincent. Note that Steph only found this out on the night when she went and visited him while he was out with his friends.}

Oh well, we finally got back to Steph's place, changed into our PJ's and cleaned ourselves up some. We (well... Steph did) went downstairs and got some food to eat while we chatted a bit before sleeping. She bought up some really awesome peanuts her mum made... man they were sooooo addictive! [x3] we ended up falling asleep at around 4:30am - 5am or so.

And thus concludes my evening - if I think of anything else I'll just add it in later.

Hmm... on a lighter note, here's a follow up on my previous post about childhood cartoons: "The Busy World of Richard Scarry"

I actually know most of the word to this song, haha. [xD]


At 4:05 pm, Blogger k-izzle said...

oh your sister makes brilliant, almost full proof plans. you should have asked her to help with our tripod adventure. really, you got away with going to the city in the early morning as well as a special formal and not with tripod show. so ridiculous! anyway, i have a story to share tomorrow, it involves a stunning boy, a shy girl, a surf shop and the brilliance of simple music. LOVE.


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