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Thursday, September 28, 2006

insert relevant title...?

Ahhh it's been a while since my first entry, and I keep putting off writing in here 'coz I'm so lazy and all. [Very lazy indeed... I started this post a while ago but never finished it 'til today! I'll leave it short 'coz I've written another one after this.]

Well, two weeks of apparent school "holidays" have past. Much studying done over the weeks, although not as productive as I would've liked, I think I need to ban Wikipedia off my 'net somehow, I keep reading random crap on there. Hours of partially-educational fun.

Ohyeh... went to Andrew's house the other day with Kristin and Nat - too bad Lisa couldn't go, but then again she didn't really miss out on much lol. And as planned, we made cake! I made some awesomely fatty cupcakes with butter icing, and Nat and Kristin attempted to make Creme Brulee. Both turned out too sweet, headaches folled after consumption but all in good fun I suppose [:)]
Although personally think it was more eventful the week before when we crashed his house on the last day of school. Nat was the first one to leave, then Kristin, Lisa and I decided to make dinner for Andrew considering his sister had left for HK and wasn't coming back for two weeks, and he's and idiot and can't really cook much (bwahaha xD). We walked back to the Glen to grab some food, and dropped Lisa off back at school to get picked up. At Coles we ended up buying some soup, carrots, mince, and some more pasta stuff. Then we walked back to his house and started cooking dinner - through my fridge raiding I discovered a bottle of Smirnoff Black Ice, which we drank "shots" of. Many a-toasts we made.
Bummed around for a while, Kristin went home. I stayed for another half an hour or so, we played Halo (which I now think is a bit overrated). Then went home, much tired.


At 11:34 pm, Blogger k-izzle said...

andrew's house was fun. except for it being very dirty with random underwear around :| apparently it wasn't his...


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