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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Shhhhh! >_O

Well, it's 2am (and more when I finish this) and I should really head off to bed soon. Went studing today with my sister and her friend and my god, I must remember NEVER to go studying with them - ended up talking and did shit all. Got home at about 12am (we left home at about 6:30pm to get to Monash Uni Library, then at about 9:30pm drove back to Glenny to eat at Star East), and escaped a lecture from my mum by about 20 seconds - after we ate my sister went to go see her boyfriend while her friend dropped me off home. If I rocked up home without my sister my mum would've asked me where the hell she was and get all shitty and blah-blah ('coz she's paranoid like that).

12am - Got home. Quietly went into the study and turned on the computer.
12:30am - Started thinking "shit, mum might wake up soon, better go upstairs." Turned off computer, went upstairs. Had shower.
12:45am - Walked back to my room, closed door, turned off main light and turned on lamp.
12:46am - Turned on laptop 'coz I forgot to check some stuff online.
+ 4 seconds - Heard house creaks. Concluded mum was awake. Panicked.
+ 6 seconds - Turned off laptop. Panicked.
+ 5 seconds - Put laptop back on desk (I was sitting in my bed with the laptop on my bed).
+ 5 seconds - Turned off lamp, shoved myself into covers and pretended I was asleep.
12:47am - Mum goes into my sisters room.
+ 20 seconds - Mum opens my door. Stands there for a little while. Leaves door open.
12:48am - Mum goes downstairs. I am a bit confused.
12:50am - Mum comes back to my room. Walks in. Moves my blankets a bit (possibly to check if I'm there or it's just piles of blanket, or if I'm actually asleep). I panic.
12:51am - Mum closes door. Leaves back to her room. I wait.
1am - I get out of bed, turn back on my lamp and laptop.

Well, yeah. Gonna get some sleep now.

One last thought... in just another two weeks (probably less now) my final year of high school will be finished. And you know what, I'll never... EVER have to touch Specialist-FUCKING-Maths EVER AGAIN. WOOT. Complex numbers and vectors can all go to hell.

That is all. Niteoo, folks!


At 3:13 am, Blogger Kaimor said...

Hi! Interesting blog! Have a look at mine and let's exchange links Nice working with you :)

At 11:22 pm, Blogger k-izzle said...

haha, I love this story. no one else has such adventures.


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