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Sunday, November 19, 2006

"tb: TADAIMA!!" [xD]

((*sigh*... you know it's beyond me why when I obviously have nothing better to do that I don't bother finishing my half-written entries. Might as well start now I suppose - road trip was about a month ago so I'll try and fill in whatever I can.))

Just got back from road trip to Rosebud/Sorrento with Steph, my sister, and 4 of my sister's friends (Mel, Amanda, Sharon, and Fi) - we rented a beach house for 3 days. Ahh... much fun it was: movies, beach, and champage. Now, where to start?

[Day 1]
Bit of a slow start. Steph rocked up at my house at around 10:30pm-ish, then my sister told me we didn't actually have to leave the house until 3:30pm when my dad got home. We just bummed around my house for a few hours while my sister went out with her boyfriend for breakfast (for her birthday, haha). She came back at roughly 2pm with one of her friends (Tina) and we all went to Knox to waste time and whatever - while we were there I ended up buying two tops for $30, so that was awesome.
After that Tina drove us to Glenny and went home. We met up with Amanda, Sharon and Fi; my sister and the three of them ended up leaving first, while me and Steph waited for Mel to come pick us up.

Mel came by at 5:30pm-ish to pick us up and headed towards Rosebud (she just got a Mini Cooper: navy blue, two-door, awesome interior, very nice). We arrived at about 7pm (I actually thought we'd take longer), unpacked some of our things and watched some movies (mean girls) and whatnot. Took out a bottle of champagne, I got through about 3/4 of a glass and my face went full-on red and I was feeling a bit light-headed (alcohol intake is like... 0?).

A bit later in the night my sister and her friends were rolling up joints (yes, she DID have weed on her). They made several but didn't really get on much of a high, although my sister and Amanda were a bit giggly, Sharon was seriously deep&meaningful-ish, but Fi and Mel didn't really feel much so they were only spacing out a little bit. But hey, it was funny all the same watching them. My sister kept saying they should've bought a bong [-.-"].
We actually ended up eating all the junk food we brought with us that was supposed to last for the two days that we were staying over (my sister's friends most likely finished it 'coz of their munchies effect). So later at about 12am or so while they were watching "Down With Love" they managed to find a pizza place and ordered 3. Me and Steph were bumming around in our room (although we came out when the food arrived), she was reading my manga that I bought with me, and I was rolling around on my bed listening to mp3 player (partially 'coz I was still a bit tipsy from the champagne).
Not much else happened, we went to bed pretty soon afterwards (I ended up moving beds and shared the double bed with my sister).
Quote: "Hey... you should go up to your mum and say... 'I made you'."

[2 - Peak Day]
Gayhead Sharon woke everyone up at 10am. Her and my sister went out for a little while to go buy some food, the rest of us just bummed around the house until they got back.

All of us left the house at about 12:30pm and drove over to Sorrento. Fi and Amanda had a "Swim With Dolphins" thing planned so when we rocked up at the beach they left soon after. The sand on the beach was crap... had a lot of shells mixed in, painful to walk around.
Heh, actually saw Alan with his MHS friends. While we were chatting and stuff, my sister kinda pointed over "Hey, isn't that Alan?!" Indeedy it was... after a few moments, my sister made me and Steph go walk around and buy her a drink (and some playing cards if we could find any). We walked to the end of the street and saw Alan with his friends. We chatted for a bit then he left with his friends to search for food. He looked kinda shitty/tired though [xP]. Oh well!
Got back to beach, sat around some more, played Bluff/Cheat/Bullshit (Mel won), and a game of Big 2 (I won). Steph and I walked around on the beach (with shoes on!) and waded around in the water a bit.

My sister really wanted to go buy a bong, so I walked up to the shops again with Mel to go look for one. We got to a surfie shop and they asked the guys there where they could buy one (they laughed at them, then told them where to get one). The three of us left to go get one, Sharon and Steph stayed at the beach to wait for Fi and Amanda 'coz they had their car keys.
We were driving down towards the house and we stopped at this tattoo place 'coz they figured they'd probably sell some. My sister and Mel went in to ask - they laughed at them and told them to go to a different store 'coz the other one closed down. So we drove over to that store, and got laughed at again, and finally got themselves a bong.

Went back to the house and just waited around for the others to get back...

[[Later in the night]]
We opened two bottles of champage. Everyone had some but only me, my sister and Fi got really tipsy and happy and so on: we started singing old Mariah Carey songs and dancing around and generally being gay [xD]; Steph was outside (and later in one of the bedrooms) on the phone talking to her friend about a boi she liked *wink* and partially emo'ing; and Sharon and Amanda were just bummy and didn't really do that much... oh yeah, and Mel was out 'coz she was at her U2 concert.
Well apart from that, me, my sister and Fi got really hungry so we made nachos.... like, a LOT [[o_o]]. Then after we ate I started feeling sick and got a mega headache so I fell asleep on the couch.
I woke up an hour or so later and my sister was sitting in one of the doorways with Sharon and Mel - all stoned. It was funny. I pretty much stumbled along into the bedroom and went to sleep.
[14/10/07] You know, I've pretty much abandoned this entire blog forever, and I can't really remember exactly how the rest goes, but I think after that, it was just the next day. We packed our stuff, ate lunch, and drove home.


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