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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Friday // My First Day of Work.

Holy crap it was hot today! Temp. peaked at 33 or something today, and it's not even summer yet! Fark, gonna be so hot once it's February.

Oh yeah, before I start talking about today, probably need to recap over some stuff over the past week or so. But since my memory is horrible I'll probably end up missing a few things here and there.
I don't think I really did that much this week though, I mean, all I really did was go to uni and study. But on Friday, I had dinner with Steph at Bob's (yay dumplings!!! [:3]), then went to watch "The Producers" musical with her and Jerry. It was just a small production company doing it, so tickets were cheap (only $34!) and the theatre was just in Burwood. Then after that we drove Jerry home 'coz his mum was cracking the shits at him 'coz the musical actually ended like an hour later than we anticipated.
Peter actually called us earlier 'coz he was meeting up with other people for dinner for a "let's do something before we get separated from each other for about 3 weeks due to exams", but we already had plans. So instead, after we dropped Jerry home we drove over to Peter's house; Kristin, Allan, Andrew, Wang, Chii Shi and Feng were all there just bumming around watching
"War/Rogue Assassin".
Oh yeah, after the movie, we started watching that late-night TV gameshow. Faaaarrk.... that was the most retarded question ever... "How many litres?" Hey Peter, you know I was still doing stuff downstairs at about 3 and I turned the TV on randomly, and THEY STILL HADN'T ANSWERED THE QUESTION.
Anyway, me and Steph went home after most people had left, got home at around 1:30 (I think?).

Saturday... I made a lot of cookies. Lawrence was having his house-warming/birthday party, but I didn't end up going, so I just made a lot of cookies for my sister to give him when she went over lol.

Kristin said I should put in pictures in my posts to aid the reading and such. I don't really have any, so here's some random pictures I found of Max Brenner food [ :) ].

Now, today! First day of work at Max Brenner. Wasn't all that bad, the girls working there are all nice. I didn't do anything particularly hard either, main jobs were:
- Clearing and cleaning tables
- Stacking the dishwasher
- Taking dishes back to the counter
- Running out orders to tables
Was really busy between 3 - 5, everything died down by 5 since the shopping centre entrance closed. I dropped two spoons, but I didn't break anything. But I screwed up some of the orders though.
When orders are made, you get a little receipt to tell you what orders go out to which table. But if the customer orders food AND drinks you end up with two separate receipts (one for food, and one for drinks) with red stamps on them. Zoomj... about 3 times today I took out the first set of orders, took away the table number, then found out they ordered more stuff and couldn't remember which table it was.
The last time I did it though I got kinda shitty. The second manager that takes over when my normal one leaves I suspected was a bit of a bitch when I first saw her. I mean, she wasn't too bad, but she's a bit weird, and she kinda ignored me for most of the time and only really talked to the other girls.
The last time I screwed up the order I asked her what I was supposed to do 'coz I accidentally took away the table number; then she kinda greased me off for a few seconds, and said "just look through the receipts and find what the last thing you brought to the table," then walked off. Like, I know I'm a retard and I made a mistake, and I'm not really expecting her to make me feel better or anything about screwing up, but shit dude, it's my freakin' first day!
Man, I hope she's not working on my next shift on Saturday.

#8 - Blowing my nose. I can't do it in public - it's too grotty. I'd rather sniff endlessly all day when I'm out than blow my nose. Only at home.

Ok I think I'm done here, off to procrastinate some more now~!


At 11:47 pm, Blogger p-unit said...

ahah the answer was 265... D: yes i was still awake at 3 30 am ish.. and then they had jumbling words which was easy but i didn't want to ring cause i would've wasted money anyway haha D:!

i'll come visit max brenners some day .. is it only saturday that you work ?

At 12:07 pm, Blogger Ritzy said...

pictures looks awesome lol

going out..bumming..working..

wonderful hehee..

jobless me =.='


At 9:15 pm, Anonymous natalie said...

that second manager doesn't sound very nice, you'll get better at remembering what to do :)

man i crave waffles now.."waffles yahoo" - Hiro Nakamura

At 1:13 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the second manager is awesome

At 5:45 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

am i normal or second manager....
anyways i know i am awesome...


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