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Thursday, November 08, 2007

This has nothing to do with my post, but I just feel like saying "poop".

I bought the new Backstreet Boys album "Unbreakable"! But more on that later.

Whee, I finished my last exam on Monday. Monday was a pretty good day though - after my exam I went back to Glenny and met up with Kristin, Nat and Peter for dinner. I ended up heading over there a little earlier so I could check my shifts at work ('coz I forgot what time I was working).

Holy crap...

My manager (Nice Emma) asked me to work for about an hour 'coz they were severely short-staffed, tables weren't cleared, the back kitchen was FILLED with dirty dishes and dishes that needed to be put away. I felt kinda bad with all that crap, so yeah... almost like I got guilted into working. Man, I was only there for an hour and I was tired. But I got paid, and Emma made me a free drink, so I'm happy.

Kristin, Nat and Peter actually waited there while I was working. When I finished we went and ate at Coco Lounge.

"Hamster Enjoys Broccoli"

Broccoli at Coco Lounge is surprisingly good.

The four of us went back to my house. Peter and Nat studied some for their exam on Thursday, and we bummed around watching stuff and chatting 'til 1am or so.

Tuesday... went to work at 12. Got sent home early at 3 instead of finishing at 6 'coz it was kinda quiet (Melbourne Cup, hey?) Went to late lunch/early dinner with my sister and mum in Box Hill (@ Hills!), came back home; got picked up by Peter, Kristin, and Wang (I nagged them to come out and play with me after work... and forgot to tell them I wasn't finishing at 6 anymore ^^;;) and went out to Knox to eat. We saw Roy working, that was kinda cool - he gave us free ice cream :)
Came back to my house again, bummed around (oh, haha! we watched Card Captors and Sailor Moon xD), everyone left at 6am lol.

"Promo image for Backstreet Boys' new album"

Oh Backstreet...
I bought the new Backstreet Boys album a little while ago. While it is still pretty good, I have to say I'm a bit disappointed by it. I was VERY into their rock-ish sounding songs (or, as they call it, "adult contemporary") from their previous album, but apprently for this album they were getting back to their "pop roots". Hey Backstreet? You were not built for new/sexy pop, you DO NOT sing songs that sound like they should be sung by Hilary Duff, Britney Spears or even Lindsey Lohan. Just... no [D;] But hey, you got a few songs right.


At 7:20 pm, Anonymous natalie said...

i think i'm kinda glad i didn't go to your house tuesday night...i cna't imagine watching anime or what ever. i don't even know what card captors is..(don't hit me! peter already did) lol.

At 9:07 pm, Blogger Ritzy said...

i've seen that broccoli thingy too
it's so weird

At 1:17 pm, Blogger p-unit said...

nats a disgrace ... tsk tsk tsk ahha

anyway, that entry was so random lololol with that brocolli mouse thing :P! but yeah it was good, lately it's been very relaxing even though i still have exams and all.. looking forward for upcoming weeks


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