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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Wouldn't it be awesome if everyone could ride a chocobo to work?

Chocobo [Wiki]: a fictional large, normally flightless galliforme/ratite bird capable of being ridden and is a staple of the Final Fantasy series.
"FFVII: Cloud riding a chocobo."

It'd be like riding a giant chicken everywhere.

Anyway, this week, again, has been pretty good. It's holiday time! So yeah, don't really have anything to complain about.

Earlier in the week me and my sister decided it was time to clean the backyard/gazebo & BBQ stove. Went out to Glenny to get some cleaning stuff and to eat lunch. Walking up to Shine, ran into Peter and Kristin eating lunch at Malibu. Chatted about random things and ate too much food, then all of us went to Knox to get more cleaning/grocery things, then finally headed back home to start cleaning.
It took the 4 of us a good 2 hours or so to clean everything - me and Kristin did most of the BBQ, and my sister and Peter cleaned the gazebo (plus the table and all the chairs).
Holy crapness, that BBQ thing was so grotty, took a LOT of scrubbing and cleaning stuff to get all of it off (actually probably not all, there's still a few remnants here and there, but hey we still did a pretty good job). At least the tiles aren't completely black anymore.
Gazebo wasn't as bad, but still pretty gross [with bird poop and all ._."]. Chairs didn't take too long since they weren't too dirty (same with the table, although that did have a few little spiders and spider webs); Peter cleaned off a lot of crap from the side rails and scrubbed at the floor as well (with a broom, not a brush like Cinderella style LOL).
After all that, we chatted some more about underweight Asian actors and noses (I have a good nose, LOL?!) and ate okonomiyaki. I think Peter and Kristin left at around 1:30am or so? Something like that anyhoo [:D]

Actually now that I think about it it seems like I've been doing a lot of random running around doing errands this week. I think the day after cleaning my dad gave me and my sister money to go get him a computer. Yeah... he's wanted one for a while but we only recently got around to go properly hunting for one. We went to Harvey Norman and got him a pretty good one too, it's all black and cool-looking and Vista-like. I feel somewhat embarrassed that my dad's computer is somewhat better than ours [>.>]. I've lost track of the days, but I think after we got home, I ended up going out later that night with uhh... Kristin, Nat, Peter, Wang, Chii Shi, Feng and Andrew (did I forget anyone?). Headed to Peter's first, then went out to Airstream for dessert stuff, then to Box Hill for supper ("At 2am"!! haha). afterwards we all went back to Kristin's, I took Nat home at about 2:30am I think? Can't remember...
LOL@Andrew when I overtook him driving back to Kristin's house. He was being an ass when I left and drove Nat home - he left at the same time to take Chii Shi home, overtook me, and drove reeaally slow and stopped in front of me lol [xD]

I think this has turned into a somewhat unexpectedly long-ish post because I don't blog that often, and stuff keeps happening, and I think I've got my days mixed around because I've been on holidays too long. So here's a random picture to break up the text:

"So cute it'll make your head explode."

Day after buying the comp for dad, I spent a good two hours setting it all up for him: wireless internet, anti-virus/spyware, printer, browser plugins etc. Steph called me randomly to go gym with her; came and picked me up at 5pm, got to Chaddy Fitness First by 5:30 for the Body Combat class [my arms and back still hurt =/]. After the class we went to StarEast in Glenny for food [which accidentally turned into dinner 'coz we both got pretty full xD] and pretty much ate back what we burned off at gym lol. Steph drove me back home, but then I forgot my sister called me before I left 'coz she wanted me to change our white DS at Target to get a pink one. The three us went back up to Glenny, but they sold out (are pink DSs really popular?). Oh man... so funny when my sister was talking to the guy, she made a [D;] face. Me and Steph laughed so hard when my sister was talking to the guy about getting a DS case.

Sales guy: "We don't have that many cases, these are the only ones we have..."
Her: "Ew."

The guy was nice though, he seemed pretty amused too [xD].

I think a day or two before the backyard cleaning thing I went over to Wang's house for some reason that I don't remember. Peter was there too, we watched some Chaser's War, and Power Rangers: Forever Red [xD]. Oh yeah, and we nagged Wang into playing piano. Later went and picked up Feng on a random street near her house, drove to Box Hill and had supper (supper seems to be the new "thing" these days) and crepes [apple and cinnamon x3].

Ook, now, YESTERDAY... drove my sister out to the city/Lawrence's/boyfriend's apartment 'coz he was taking her away for her birthday [she won't be back 'til Sunday xD]. Came back to Glenny and met up with Kristin. Called Peter and Wang, ate dinner at Shine. Eventually Alan, Chris, Chii Shi, Andy and Nat all came along as well. After that, everyone drove back to the car park behind Dan Murphy's/in front of GWSC.
I don't really know what we were doing here, it mainly consisted of talking about random things, noticing how virtually EVERYONE drove, and Peter taking Alan's car for a test drive in Glenny with Wang in the storage compartment. And at some point we decided to play sardines in the school. Took up a good hour or so to find Peter (he was hiding in the bike shed!); me, Kristin and Nat almost gave up to go eat Cake at Airstream lol. We ended up heading over there after the game finished anyway. Bummed around some more, ate yummy cakes, oh, and once again went back to the car park [>.>] I left at around 2am or so (same with Nat), got home at about 2:15.

#9 - I think this one started kinda recently and I have no idea why, but every time I flush a toilet I have to put the toilet lid down. Maybe it's the idea what when you flush the toilet, the water sometimes splashes out, and we all know how dirty and germ-infested toilet water is. I don't know why it never used to bother me, but now it does [D:].

Ok I think I'm done now. Big effort writing all that out. I should blog more often, it'll stop me from having to keep doing ridiculously long posts.


At 1:45 am, Blogger p-unit said...

i did quite a lot of the grotty cleaning around the gazebo ... o_o;
i had to kill ants too haha 8D! bwuahauha.. don't underestimate a man's cleaning power!

& yeah, we've done quite alot even though my holidays hasn't started yet and it's only been like 1 and a bit weeks? haha

At 3:53 pm, Anonymous Tracy said...

lol that kitten's head looks like it's going to explode, not mine!!

At 10:25 pm, Anonymous natalie said...

haha i think you did get a lot of the days mixed up.
when i was getting my sis camera at target i was talking to this guy who was showing me the cameras and then i was looking it at, i looked up, and was like OH! cause the guy was different! haha they just changed shifts

At 11:26 pm, Anonymous Michelle said...

Go on Gaia and buy a chocobo. xD
<3 Michelle

At 11:54 am, Blogger Ritzy said...

WOAH!! so busy!!!
almost hectic with all the cleaning and moving around here and there. lol

haha. that cat picture scares me ><

but true. i wouldnt mind a chicken as alternate form of transport =]

have a good holiday!


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