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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mmh... it's raining outside.

"A storm, cloud passes over the plains east of Denver."

Quite nice.

So, looks like it’s time for another entry. Haven’t really been doing much lately since virtually everyone is overseas. So, highlights of the past two weeks or so:

-Went to an auction with my dad in Cheltenham. We got ourselves a new oven!! Stainless steel, brand new, $900. We actually need to get a technician to come look at it though, it’s not working quite right [=/]

- My Threadless T-Shirts arrived today!! I’ve been waiting on them since the end of November, probably just took a while with the Christmas postage stuff. The names of the shirts I got were: Take me to Tokyo, Northern Ice Pilot, Haikus are easy, Cyclope, and Marshmallow Factory.

- W
ent to Steph’s house a while ago. Since we're bother somewhat obsessed with Westlife, and both had some Westlife DVD’s we had a mini marathon and watched:
a. A Concert (manly thrusting all over again <3) and,
b. Our other two DVD’s with video clips and interviews.

- Still not getting enough shifts at work… really need to talk to my manager about it next time I see her.

- Oh yeah, I finished my ceiling!! All spaces covered (‘cept for those few little bits here and there), now I just need to stick back stuff when it falls, and not worry about finding new things. It’ll take a photo of it when I figure out where the camera is… [o.o"]

- A
fter finishing my ceiling, I’ve been on a big cleaning rampage with my room. I changed my sheets, took apart a section of my desk (so now my room looks a little bigger ‘coz there’s more floor space), wiped down my blinds [so much dust D;] and cleaned my window. Oh yeah, and bought new air freshener ("Jasmine and Kiwi", by AirWick)… before the whole cleaning and whatnot my room always kinda smelled. And not in the good way [D;]. According to Steph, even with the air freshener I had last time (“Appleberry”, by Glade) she said my room was like “apples, and liquorice… and pot.” Yes. But now it's all clean, and nice, and pretty [:D].

I think that's all for now, can't think of much else that's new.


At 3:45 pm, Blogger Ritzy said...

ahhaa.. yer. everyone is overseas haha..

oh!! Tshirts!! cool

haha. auction for an oven . lol ^^

hmm.. wonder what's happen with pplz and new years hehe

At 10:32 pm, Anonymous nat said...

hey lyn, just got back from thailand. imagine how dusty my room will be when i get back...


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