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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Oh so lazy...

"A Lazy Day"

Finally getting around to writing a new post. I feel like I should talk about stuff that's happened that I haven't mentioned yet, rather than actual stuff that's happened recently. But since I've left it for so long and can't really be bothered going into detail (plus I've forgotten a few things here and there) I'm going to pretty much gonna summarise stuff in a few short paragraphs.

[1] Picnic at Beach at night (oh my, seems so long ago).
After some, uh, technical difficulties I headed down to the beach at 9:30pm-ish with Steph, and picked up Kristin and Nat along the way... met up with Peter, Andy, Ben, Allan, Wang, Frank, and Chii Shi (I think that was everyone?) first at 24-Hour Coles, then drove down to Edithvale beach.
- All food was yummy (esp. the sushi, OMG INARI <3)
- Peter's onigiri were ridiculously huge
- Human pyramid hurts
- Camera flash in the dark hurts.

[2] Road trip with my sister and her friends to Phillip Island.
Place was very nice, well furnished and uber clean. We all explored the town over the two days we were there, and ate good food. Oh yeah, and beach [x3]
- WOOHOO, I got fisherman pants!
- My sister and her friends making fun of the schoolies lol...
- Getting sunburned on my arm, and being overall slightly tanner on my left than my right side [=/]
- If anyone's interested in buying weed my sister's friend is in excess and willing to sell [xD]
- Watching election coverage (yay Kevin'07!)
- Mass vomit.

[3] Jap food @ Peter's house.
Met up with Kristin and Nat first at Gloria Jeans for drinks, then bought some stuff for Peter to make Jap pancakes/Okonomiyaki. I helped Peter make some of the stuff (chopped up cabbage, made onigiri). All good and awesome.
- I wish I had a kimono [xP]
- I make good onigiri yay? [^^;;]
- White Wings Buttermilk Pancakes + Icecream = OMG <333

Ok I think that's all for now. Other stuff has happened, but I'll probably write more on that in my next post. 3:38am, bed time!!


At 1:12 pm, Blogger Ritzy said...

oh road trip.. ^^
fun fun..
seems like you are having a great time..

ahh. uni holidays =] soo long. the best hehhee


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