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Manly thrusting makes me giggle. But only when Westlife does it.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


"An index finger."

Hahahahahahahaha [xD].

So, for the past week - general bumming things and whatever, nothing particularly eventful.

Went to Fred's birthday dinner at TGI Friday's - holy crap, Jack Daniel's Burger = <3. Seriously though, I don't think I could ever manage eating the entire thing EVER again, it was freakin' huge!!

Sent Andrew off at the airport on the weekend with Peter and Wang - only had about 3 hours sleep in total, and I still had to go to work after we dropped him off at the airport. But it wasn't too bad, work was ridiculously busy so it kept me well awake for the 4 hours of my shift.

Apart from that, just some coffee here and there, and bumming around at people's houses watching random things.

And it seems to be everyone's birthday all of a sudden - I'm still having a lot of trouble figuring out what I want to do. Anyone have any ideas? I don't really wanna do a dinner, but then I can't exactly do a house party either [things didn't turn out so well with the parents the next day ^^;;]. I guess everyone's reaching that age where we're supposed to be having "adult" parties, where we stand around, have dinner or drink at a bar, and make polite conversation. I don't know about anyone else, but that sounds preeeeeetty boring to me. Guess I just need to think harder [^^;;].

I've been thinking about stuff that I want for my birthday too [no trouble there ;P], and I've realised that a lot of it is just random silly things, not like last year when I asked people to get me an external hard drive... my list of stuff seems to contain a lot of movies/DVDs [o.o"]; I'll post it here when it's closer to the day and I can think of more stuff lol.

Oh yeah... and thanks to Peter and Wang, for making me feel better [^_^].

Anyhoo, that's all for now :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Oh yeah, disco fever <3

"Disco", by Linda Martin.

I rediscovered my sister's old 4Play party remix CDs the other day with all these disco songs on them, and since then I've been on a mass disco rampage; been downloading songs like nuts.

And once again, I've been lazy and neglected updating my blog, a good two weeks or so have passed already! Although not much has happened recently, only a few things stand out at the moment, the rest are all blurred together - it's what happens when you've been home for too long [=/].

Anyhoo, there was Nat's birthday party last Tuesday. Rocked up nice and early to her house at 10:30am [D;], although everyone didn't arrive until 12:30 or so. By then, we all gathered our things, and we set off on a road trip to the "Enchanted Maze Garden" in Arthurs Seat (not far from Mornington Peninsula). We ate our food, played around in the maze [I got lost D;] and the pretty gardens... you know that kid's maze was a lot prettier than a lot of the other parts of the place lol. Oh yeah, and HOLY GEEBUS, the grass they had everywhere was so nice! Really soft, and as clean-feeling as grass could get [xD].
Didn't leave until the place closed at 6pm, and got back to Glenny at about 7:30. Had dinner at the new Korean place "Goshen" - not as good as Kim Chi Grandma, but still awesome and much yumminess. I hate that since there aren't many Korean, and even Japanese restaurants around, they tend to charge as much as they want - Korean and Japanese food is expensive (with the exception of places like Sushi Sushi and Don Don)!!
Bummed at Nat's house for a bit longer 'til everyone left up until 12:30am... ? Roughly. Went to pick up my sister [Peter and Wang tagged along, thanks guy ;D] from the city, then stumbled on home.

Mmh... what else?
I've been working a lot more lately - I asked for more shifts from my manager on my last shift before New Years. I've started training on food and drinks too, instead of just doing floor work - lots of fun, but I'm still trying to get used to handling the rushes of orders that come in.

Went out today to Chadstone with Peter and Want to get a necklace replaced at Mimco [the chain was kinda flimsy and it broke >.>], but apparently that particular necklace wasn't even meant to be on sale yet, so I'll have to go back after Friday when they're in stock. Shopped around randomly, ate sushi, drove to Officeworks, and back to Wang's house for Daria, among other things.

Other than that, not much else has happened [and I can't remember enough stuff to write about it properly ^^;;] ... had Yum Cha lunch twice in a week [with the family, and with the friends ;P], running errands here and there, and general bumming at someone's house.

Things are all nice and easy-going at the moment... I wouldn't say I'm complaining as such, just that I wish I had more to do. Going out it is good, although I'm horribly broke at the moment; when I'm at home it's either TV or computer, but not much is on these days, and I've exhausted my normal online entertainment resources. I need to stick things back on my ceiling again [dammit -.-"], but I'm pretty reluctant seeing as it's summer, and anything I stick back will probably fall off next week. And I've lost my patience already with my replaying of FFVII since I know what's coming next and it's ridiculously frustrating.
Maybe I should get into some reading, find a good book or something. Or get back into some piano stuff, haven't done that in a while.

Before I head off: The other day I was in David Jones with my sister, I was looking at fragrances. There was this day during year 12 that (I think) me, Nat, and Kristin were going around testing random perfumes and I came across Lancome "Miracle: So Magic!"

"Miracle: So Magic!" - fragrance by Lancome.

Well yes, I found it again that other day with my sister, and I remembered how much I liked it. Much prettiness [x3].
So when it gets to birthday time, can someone PLEASE GET IT FOR ME!?! [D;]