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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

12:29am was when I started this entry last night.

NOTE: This post was actually started almost a week ago and only now am I finally finishing it. Why? Because I'm an absolutely lazy ass plus stacks of work.

[Well, I've been busy for the past hour actually doing spesh work that I'm behind it. Huzzah, now I'm not as behind as I was to start with.
I should really be asleep now though, it's wuite late, but then I don't have to wake up until 7:45am-ish 'coz I start at 9 tomorrow (yay! free period one!)]

Hmm... well... there'd time to wasted before I go to bed. Really should be studying some more for chem SAC tomorrow, but I guess this can be a break/sort-of thing.

Perks of my past week.

Thursday - Nat had to go buy some vitamins thingys 'coz she can't swallow tablets, which were actually chewy strawberry-flavoured (sidenote: ASIAN strawberry-flavoured) vitamins for kids (it said "FOR KIDS" in bright colourful letters on the side of the box). Me an' Kristin went with her, and probaly out of tiredness we started screaming "CHEWY VITAMINS - FOR KIDS! FOR KIDS!" pretty much until we got the chemist.
Although the entire thing eventually got longer and longer.
ie. First version from school to the crossing/traffic lights:
"CHEWY VITAMINS - FOR KIDS! FOR KIDS!" + endless screaming of "FOR KIDS!"
Second version from crossing/traffic lights to entrance to Village Walk
Final version from Vilage Walk to the chemist
+ endless screaming of "FOR KIDS!"
Ahhh poor Nat, if only you could master the art of tablet-swallowing xD

Ahh yes, cartoons! Muchly discussed during one of our lunchtimes. I believe I'm way too in touch with my childhood for it to be normal, haha. Since I remembered a few live action shows as well, here's a list of cartoons we mentioned, plus a few other TV shows I remember (thanks to the list of shows ever viewed on ABC kiddy timeslots on the ABC website):

Angry Beavers
AAARRRGGGHH!!! Real Monsters
Alvin and the Chipmunks
Animaniacs (which also covers for Pinky and the Brain)
Animals of Farthing Wood
BABAR (Holy crap, can't believe I almost missed that!)
Billy the Cat
Blinky Bill
Bump in the Night
The Busy World of Richard Scarry!
Captain Planet
Daria (although that wasn't really a childhood cartoon)
Doug (I think that was a bit more recent though)
Fireman Sam
Freaky Stories
Genie From Down Under
George and Martha
Hey Arnold!
Johnson and Friends
Katie and Orbie
The Magical Adventures of Mumfie
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers [the First season]
Mr. Squiggle [~the man from the mooooon!]
Ninja Turtles (the old one where the Turtles actually had eyes)
Paddington Bear
Postman Pat
Raggy Dolls
Ren and Stimpy ('tho I never got into that)
Rocko's Modern Life
'Round the Twist (the old series)
Rodger Ramjet
Rugrats (before 'Dil was born)
The Secret Life of Toys
The Secret World of Alex Mack
Sesame Street (when Hooper's Store was actually owned by Mr Hooper)
Soul Music
Stickin' Around
Tin Tin
The Twisted tales of Felis the Cat
Where's Wally?
The World of Peter rabbit and Friends
The Wild Thornberrys

Whoo, that took a lot outta me.

Anyways, this post was actually finished a while ago but I just kept forgetting to put it up. Ther's actually some more things I should post about ie. formals, but my stomach decided die today and if I stretch in some weird position I could potentially make myself throw up. How I know this is that I almost did that about an hour ago.

Before I finish this here's another one:
6. Waking up on weekends: Mmh.... I have this thing where I refuse to wake up after 12, so instead I set my alarm clock for 11:30am. Even though it's half an hour, the fact is I woke up before noon. My sleeping intake is weird, my unfunctional hours of sleep include less than 5 hours, and 10 hours. That last one has always confused me a bit: if I get 9 hours of sleep, I'm fine, if I have more that 11 or more I'm fine. 10 hours generally means I will feel like shit.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Odd things: habits, likings, and neuroticisms.

Well, although I finished my chem assignment just under two hours ago [current time; 1:19am], I am still awake - just that, instead of being downstairs all cold, tired, and having a sore back from sitting the the same position for too long, I'm now tired and comfy in my bed with my sister's laptop [x3].

Indeedy I am an odd person. I was actually thinking about this a few nights ago, as in, how many weird habits and things I have. I'm pretty sure there's quite a few (my sister tells me so, haha). Let's see:

1. Joint Cracking - Ahh yes, I don't even remember when it started really... You know how some people feel the need to crack their knuckles periodically to feel better/comfortable? Eh, I'm sure I've told a few people, I periodically feel the need to crack my toes [mmh... I feel this thought requires a face... xD? O.o? Both seem to fit well]. It especially shits me when I'm wearing tight shoes and I can't curl my toes arounf enough for me to do it when I need to [>.>].

About a month ago I discovered a way to crack my back... when I realised that after that day I'd been doing it every night for about 5 days in a row, I knew it was time to stop [^^;;].

2. Food - This one is actually regarding fried rice. I like eating it normally, but at some point last year I started eating it with peanuts (ground in small bits so I actually mixed it into the rice) and fried garlic oil [O.o"]. I would still eat it like that, but my dad contaminates our supply every time my mum makes more by adding mini shrimp to it (ugh...). Now I'm just on peanuts.
I guess Lisa isn't so weird, I eat strange things too... though I still don't think peanut butter goes with everything [>.>].

3. My room - Not too bad, I'm sure this would apply to pretty much anyone. I get really annoyed whenever my mum (in a fit of cleaning madness) decides to come into my room and clean up all my shit. So the next time I rock up, my first reaction is "WTF?! Where's all my shit gone?!" What ultimately pisses me off though is when afterwards she says, "Oh, your room was so messy. I had to clean it, I couldn't stand looking at it." Well fuck, mum.
She doesn't do it any more, well at least not openly anyways. I always know when she's been in to inspect my room when on the odd occasion I actually find stuff I was planning to put on my ceiling in my rubbish bin (yes, I do go through my bin and pull the things out... but hey, my bin is pretty clean, only paper and tissues [^^]).

4. My dad - This isn't really my problem though... sometimes when I'm doing work, or I'm on the computer, my dad just comes in and stands there. It's actually quite creepy [O.o"]. It's to the point where sometimes I feel like I can't be doing anything because of it, I actually just stop... but pretend I'm still doing work. You all know the comedy group Tripod right? Go on LimeWire and if you can, download a song called "Lingering Dad" - captures the idea nicely.

5. My Wardrobe - When I sleep I need to have them closed. I don't know why, I just feel weird if they're open when I sleep (no, it's not a dust issue).

I should get some sleep... [*Clicks save as draft, will continue this later*]

Mmh...can't be bothered listing any more of these. If I ever think of any, I'll just put them into the post (labeled with a number). Enjoy? [^^?]