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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Friday // My First Day of Work.

Holy crap it was hot today! Temp. peaked at 33 or something today, and it's not even summer yet! Fark, gonna be so hot once it's February.

Oh yeah, before I start talking about today, probably need to recap over some stuff over the past week or so. But since my memory is horrible I'll probably end up missing a few things here and there.
I don't think I really did that much this week though, I mean, all I really did was go to uni and study. But on Friday, I had dinner with Steph at Bob's (yay dumplings!!! [:3]), then went to watch "The Producers" musical with her and Jerry. It was just a small production company doing it, so tickets were cheap (only $34!) and the theatre was just in Burwood. Then after that we drove Jerry home 'coz his mum was cracking the shits at him 'coz the musical actually ended like an hour later than we anticipated.
Peter actually called us earlier 'coz he was meeting up with other people for dinner for a "let's do something before we get separated from each other for about 3 weeks due to exams", but we already had plans. So instead, after we dropped Jerry home we drove over to Peter's house; Kristin, Allan, Andrew, Wang, Chii Shi and Feng were all there just bumming around watching
"War/Rogue Assassin".
Oh yeah, after the movie, we started watching that late-night TV gameshow. Faaaarrk.... that was the most retarded question ever... "How many litres?" Hey Peter, you know I was still doing stuff downstairs at about 3 and I turned the TV on randomly, and THEY STILL HADN'T ANSWERED THE QUESTION.
Anyway, me and Steph went home after most people had left, got home at around 1:30 (I think?).

Saturday... I made a lot of cookies. Lawrence was having his house-warming/birthday party, but I didn't end up going, so I just made a lot of cookies for my sister to give him when she went over lol.

Kristin said I should put in pictures in my posts to aid the reading and such. I don't really have any, so here's some random pictures I found of Max Brenner food [ :) ].

Now, today! First day of work at Max Brenner. Wasn't all that bad, the girls working there are all nice. I didn't do anything particularly hard either, main jobs were:
- Clearing and cleaning tables
- Stacking the dishwasher
- Taking dishes back to the counter
- Running out orders to tables
Was really busy between 3 - 5, everything died down by 5 since the shopping centre entrance closed. I dropped two spoons, but I didn't break anything. But I screwed up some of the orders though.
When orders are made, you get a little receipt to tell you what orders go out to which table. But if the customer orders food AND drinks you end up with two separate receipts (one for food, and one for drinks) with red stamps on them. Zoomj... about 3 times today I took out the first set of orders, took away the table number, then found out they ordered more stuff and couldn't remember which table it was.
The last time I did it though I got kinda shitty. The second manager that takes over when my normal one leaves I suspected was a bit of a bitch when I first saw her. I mean, she wasn't too bad, but she's a bit weird, and she kinda ignored me for most of the time and only really talked to the other girls.
The last time I screwed up the order I asked her what I was supposed to do 'coz I accidentally took away the table number; then she kinda greased me off for a few seconds, and said "just look through the receipts and find what the last thing you brought to the table," then walked off. Like, I know I'm a retard and I made a mistake, and I'm not really expecting her to make me feel better or anything about screwing up, but shit dude, it's my freakin' first day!
Man, I hope she's not working on my next shift on Saturday.

#8 - Blowing my nose. I can't do it in public - it's too grotty. I'd rather sniff endlessly all day when I'm out than blow my nose. Only at home.

Ok I think I'm done here, off to procrastinate some more now~!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

MYSPACE: [01/10/07] Mid-Semester Break, and I’m scared to live in my own house.

This seems to be the most decent entry I've done as of late that I thought I should copy over. The original post was on MySpace on 1st October, so I'm just copying it over now (see previous entry!)
[HEADS UP: Long post!]

You know, this has probably been my most eventful school/uni break I've had in a long time. Pretty much all the things I wanted to, or haven wanted to do for a while:
- Went out a lot
- Got a job
- Fixed my ceiling
Let's start from the start:

Monday was Steph's birthday. Went out to see Superbad with her and a few of her other friends (if I can remember their names: Serita - spelt like it's said? I have no freakin' clue but she's awesome; Vince - her close family friend; David - another family friend? In any case, I think he goes to my uni; Andrew - though he left pretty early on; and Ben - I think that's his name but eh, I forget... but he likes Final Fantasy piano music).
Movie was better than I thought it would be, but was a LOT dirtier than I thought it would be - still good all the same. 6.5/10.
But within the last 10 minutes or so of the ending, the film screwed up so there was sound but no video. Everyone left the cinema and cracked it at the staff, and we all got free movie passes (yay!)

Rocked up home at around 11:30, bummed around for a while, then went online. Started chatting to Kristin and Peter 'coz they were asking about karaoke and sleeping over (ie. stuff we were gonna do on Friday), turns out they were heading out to go to another friend's (Allan) house for BBQ. I ended up going as well: I snuck out of the house while my mum was asleep (my sister was awake though), picked up Kristin, met up with everyone else (Peter, Chii Shi, Wang, Andy; Andrew rocked up later), stopped at Coles to buy food, and drove to Allan's house. We ate random kebabs and sausages, while watching Die Hard 4 and Jackass. Oh man, I didn't get home 'til 6:30am, almost shat my pants when I was walking through the front door hoping my mum wouldn't wake up.

Tuesday... Wednesday.
Tuesday and Wednesday were somewhat less eventful, mainly just rolling around the house and doing nothing, with the exception of resume-spamming around Knox and Glenny. And finally getting around to restoring my ceiling... took freakin' 4 hours to get it all done, plus put up a few new things. I got two calls for job interviews though, one at Muffin Break, and another one at Max Brenner. Although I don't mind working at either, I'd prefer working at Max Brenner. Here are my ideas about both:

Muffin Break:
- It's muffins
- Reasonably easy work
- Standard pay (same as Max Brenner)
- Other people working there seem nice
- not very busy (can be good and bad)

Max Brenner:
- It's chocolate
- Usually busy (can be good and bad)
- Lot of training for different stuff
- Standard pay (same as Muffin Break)
- ... dude, it's chocolate.

I'm starting training for Muffin Break tomorrow (Monday) which is a bit retarded since I didn't expect them to take me in straight away, I'm still waiting for Max Brenner to call me back on Wednesday and hopefully I'll get the job there, though I'll feel bad turning down Muffin Break, especially after starting training.

Ahh.... job interviews. Max Brenner was good, got interviewed by the store's manager, Emma. She was nice, took down notes an' whatever, seemed somewhat promising. Muffin Break was alright, but like I said before I got accepted straight away, training starts on Monday. Sister came home, wants me to bum around with her at home, gonna watch Lord of the Rings 3 (after watching the first two earlier today). Will finish this later <3~!
When I was about to head home, Nat called - she was meeting up with Kristin, Nat, Peter, Wang, Vincent, Andrew, Lisa, and Ben for dinner at Bob's Kitchen, then go watch Rush Hour 3. I tagged along, all was good. Ate dinner, watched the movie, then all of us bummed around at Airstream for a while, then went home. Oh wait, forgot to mention I started geting a headache during dinner, and within the last hour of the movie HOLY CRAP IT HURT SO BAD. Popped two pills (Panadol) soon as I got home.

Ahhh Friday..... drove to Glenny to catch the train to city. Met up with people (mmh... Chii Shi, Peter, Andrew, Wang, Allan, Vincent, Kristin, Nat, Lisa, Chii Shi's girlfriend who's name is either Feng or Fang - sorry!) at FM Karaoke on Bourke St at about 4 (mental reminder: k-box is better). Sang lots of songs (including Westlife, Backstreet Boys, among other things~) 'til 8. walked to Maccas and bought food to eat on the train (we all finished eating before we got on though, the train took about 20 minutes to arrive).

Got back to Glenny, everyone came to my house with the exception of Vincent and Lisa (she left while we were still at kara though, was going to another friend's birthday - sorry Vidhya I didn't go!).
Started watching The Grudge 2 (US Version), and afterwards started talking about ghost stories and how Peter's and Chii Shi's houses were potentially haunted - it is currently Monday at the time of finishing this blog post, and I'm still shitting myself walking upstairs and going to the toilet myself at night. I hate you guys.
We moved over the back side of my house 'coz my mum was sleeping upstairs, then we were just chatting about random crap. Kinda got hungry at about 4am, so Peter and a few others started making onigiri.

--> INSET: Everyone seems to love my house, usually for it's abundance of food. We usually like to keep our fridge and cupboards well stocked with stuff, and it's probably something we take for granted 'coz I don't think anyone elses house has that much food. I mean, if at 4am I can pull out stuff to make onigiri (tuna, Japanese mayo, nori/seaweed sheets), then hey, that's kinda cool isn't it? <--

I kinda felt like making cake, so I headed out with Andrew, Wang, Nat (we were taking her home), and Kristin to the 24-hour Coles in Burwood (I had to buy chocolate).
Got back at around 5am, I started making cake soon after that. Fang and Kristin fell asleep, Allan kept running on the treadmill to keep himself awake, and Peter was playing Scabble with Andrew, Wang, and Chii Shi. I think Andrew went home at about 7:30 or 8, Peter left at about 9, and Allan went home soon after as well (my mum was heading up to Glenny and she offered to give him a lift up).

Between 9:30 and 12 I kinda phased in and out of sleep, and I think everyone else kinda did too. Kristin probably got the most sleep 'coz she piked it ealier than the most of us, haha. At around 1 I drove everyone out to Glenny 'coz we got hungry and started craving sushi. After we ate, Kristin bumped into her mum and went home with her, so I drove home Chii Shi, Fang, and Wang.

I think I got home at about 4 or so, and oh man, HAD THE MOST AWESOME NAP. My god... I slept 'til 10:30 or so, went downstairs and ate "dinner". Rolled around the house for ages since I wasn't really tired anymore - bummed with my sister when she came back from clubbing, and I finally went back to sleep at 5.
Yep.... so that was my nicely eventful mid-semester break. And I'm pretty done with this entry, will probably write again soon seeing as I'm pretty active on MySpace these days and I hate myself to admit that I like it too [D;].


Well, not really...

I felt kinda bad for this blog, seeing as how I abandoned it and all. I've been like 100 times more active on MySpace these days (and I hate myself for it D;) and I do most of my blogging on there. So I think instead of completely shitting all over this blog and leaving it here to wither away, I'll just copy over anything I write into this one here.

Hmm... anything else?

Updates since my last posting:
- I am going to have my end-of-year exams in about 2 weeks.
- Oh yeah, I failed one of my mid-year exams, so this semester I'm only doing 2 subjects because the subject I failed happened to be a co-requisite of another one, which is gay. But still good, first semester went by so slowly 'coz it was so shit with all the studying, and the hours, and the travel time, but now I'm only needed at Uni 4 days a week, 2 hours each day. Oh yeah, and about travel time...
- I GOT MY P'S, so... yeah! Driving around to Uni, listening to my mp3 player filled with awesome stuff (Kaiser Chiefs, Coldplay, Eskimo Joe, Jason Mraz, Westlife, Backstreet Boys... among other things...)
- I GOT A JOB. although I haven't officially started yet (first shift 21st October 2007). You'll find me at Max Brenner in Glen Waverley [;D]

I think that's all I can think of at the moment. And now since I have nothing better to do, I think I'll start copying over a few of my blogs.
#7: Was reading through some of my older posts just then and I remembered ages ago I was doing this thing where every time I thought of another neurotic/weird habit I had I'd post it.

So, number 7 - I should probably credit this to Kristin 'coz she's the one that mentioned it in one of the comments. I can't sleep with my wardrobe door open - it has to be COMPLETELY closed... not even a crack. I know there's no monster in my closet, but I've seen too many scary movies and I just have the thought that there is some form of a scary person hiding in my closet, holding a some form of an object that will induce death on me. If it's open a little, get that feeling like "... there's someone in there watching me..."

Yeah... [^^;;]