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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Melbourne Freeze // The Great "Where's Wally?" Search [Pt. 1]

There was an event organised on Facebook a couple of weeks ago called the Melbourne Freeze. Basically, it was a large group of people who stood frozen outside Bourke St Mall for about 5 minutes, then just dispersed after the 5 minutes.

Here's a group doing the Freeze in Paris (apparently the largest crowd in the world with 3000 people).

There's a Melbourne video floating about somewhere. I really wanted to participate in this, but I was studying for exams when this was going on [xP].

Anyway, so last night, I came across the videos of this group in New York called Improv Everywhere, who basically go around and do large-scale public pranks.

The Moebius: a group of people from Improv Everywhere set up a customer time loop at a Starbucks

Look Up More: a large group of people stand in front of every window of a big department store and do silly things.


Now, after watching all these, and especially seeing how the Melbourne Freeze was just thought of randomly by someone, I've honestly been thinking about organising something like this. Maybe I'm just being too ambitious, but I already have an idea that isn't too hard too do and doesn't need a lot of setting up to do. I might try and bring it up with the girl that organised the Melbourne Freeze, or just start the event on my own on Facebook.

I guess I'll post some rough details on here soon too; let me know if you're interested, otherwise I might just scrap the idea! [:3]

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A cure for boredom...

"Bored Baby"
... exists?

I'm up late with nothing to do except sleep, although I don't feel like it just yet.

I have nothing to write about really, so I'm just talking shit here. Well anyway, came back from my clinical placements about 2 weeks ago, so a quick overview:

- A lot of people are fat in Bendigo. My theory: For a small city/large-ish town, it contains every single fast food chain. From memory I believe Bendigo had a Maccas, Hungry Jacks, KFC, Red Rooster, Pizza Hut, and Dominos.

- The hospital is inconveniently far away from the town centre where all the shops are if you are forced to go by foot. This was discovered when I was caught out in the rain without an umbrella with Wang on a trip to find a Coles. Groceries were needed.

- On another note, the hospital is at a further distance to keep away the crazies; the hospital student's building I lived in was next door to the psych ward. Getting woken up at 8am by loud tone-deaf singing/rapping is not cool.

- I was surprised twice with people coming in for a foot x-ray, only to discover they had a toe missing. In other words, both exams started off as "OK, I'm gonna start moving you're foot around now..." which would eventually lead to "((something doesn't look quite rig-THERE'S A TOE MISSING! THAT'S DEFINITELY NOT RIGHT D8 ))"

- Going through the shortcut to work is creepy. Going at night after hours past the psych ward make me crap my pants.

- Seeing the mouse that lived in my kitchen made me crap my pants.

- Wear thongs in the shower, and move as far away from the shower curtain as possible.

- Most-taken x-ray: Chests. Least taken: Clavicle.

- Enjoyed taking: I/C knees. Hated taking: Shoulders + anything Hip related.

- Most useful thing I learned: the machine in Room 3 is retarded; good thing I realised this before my assessment.

- Most amusing thing I learned: when I made the connection that the 2nd I/C knee positioning method could be summarised by the image of "OTL".

Overall, placement was pretty good - virtually all the radiographers were nice (with the occasional cranky pants), everyone was pretty relaxed, the workload wasn't horrible, and the work we did was good and interesting. I think having a proper taste of working life just made me wish that I didn't have to go back to uni anymore (or back to shitty work at Max Brenner).

Honestly though, I don't think I'd mind coming back again next year for 5-6 weeks. I probably would've enjoyed Bendigo more if the living conditions were better, and I had easier access to the town (ie. had a car with me), but I guess if I get dumped without a place to go again, Bendigo would be an good choice. Granted I still want try out different places and broaden my expericence, especially in bigger hospitals (or at least in a busier environment), I like that in Bendigo it was never overwhelmingly busy, and that the staff all got along and were relaxed about work; everything was a sort of a nice, breezy expericence.

Ohh, another thing I liked was that a overall the staff were younger than the last place I worked at. And there was a bigger age range of patients - babies and little kids, to adults and the elderly. This, in comparison to my last placement in Ferntree Gully hospital which was across the road from a nursing home. Seriously, virtually 2/3 of the patients that came in there were old, wrinkly people.

And I found out that once I start working, I get a really shit pay. Like, $35k per year. I can barely afford my car after working for a year. Have to be working for at least a couple of to start making decent money. Either that or I specialise in something like ultrasound/sonography, or MRI, or maybe CT..... hmm...

Anyway, sleepy time! [<3]

"Intercondylar Knee"